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Gift Cards
For any occasions:  If you cant see the value you want please give us a call and we can arrange a gift card of any value.  Give someone in you love a chance to relax and unwind in Marlow's most exclusive beauty spa and aesthetics clinic. 

Transform your small spaces into refreshing havens with our Lemon Sherbet Reed Diffuser, a delightful blend of zesty freshness and natural purity. Ideal for compact areas, this diffuser uses an Augeo base oil, renowned for its superior performance and eco-friendliness, combined with the invigorating essence of natural essential oils. The crisp, tantalizing aroma of fresh lemon sherbet infuses your room with a continuous, subtle fragrance, reminiscent of sunny days and joyful moments. Committed to ethical standards, our diffuser is a beacon of vegan, cruelty-free, and organic practices, ensuring that every breath you take is not only uplifting but also in harmony with nature. Elevate your everyday with a scent that's as responsibly crafted as it is irresistibly fresh.

Organic Reed Diffuser

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